iOS Mobile application


UX Interface Concept

UI Design & Layout

Brand Identity

The Project

The brief was to create a new mobile experience to handle common home emergencies trade services and a visual branding representation of the product. 

Plumbers, electricians and locksmiths part of RACV would use the emergency system to get access, accept, locate and solve any related tasks. Likewise, the RACV operational team would use the system to manage, request, cancel and follow the tasks as part of the interface.

My Role

As an experience l designer, I conducted the design of the initial UX and UI and I get to work closely with this client and UX lead, co-locating in their offices designing a series of initiatives that take the project to align the business projection. My role involves lead the creation of a design system, UX architecture, UI, and branding design components for the iOS mobile application and dashboard platform.

The Process

The initial part of the process was to join different RACV tradies during real emergency procedure tasks. The focus was on overarching trips, exploration, workshops and interviews. We got valuable insights about the whole system the tradies were using during their day to day work and it also was an opportunity to identify the main features needed for the application.

After validating all these experiences with the project manager and UX director and following all the material provided by the client, I started mapping the site architecture. In a weekly cycle and close coope­ration, we made agreements, developed solutions, gathered feedback from end users – and in this way, we iteratively improved the product until its launch.

The main projection was to simplify the whole emergency system experience and organized it in a small number of clear steps where users can get access to any point of the process interacting with the application easy and quick.

The visual environment for the application was also a key part of the project. Based on constant interaction with the whole team and experience with the app users I choose a UI approach that balances the whole data collection and technology Requirements.


I not only brought the entire look and feel into a comtemporary user interface, but also made a great improvement to the users experience within the application and emergency system process. My main focus was to transform a complicate product in a an intuitive experience. The RACV Emergency iOS mobile application and web dashboard  became a solid sytem for internal and external users and is currently use for all the RACV tradies around Melbourne.


Custom icons set

Rapid response assistance from plumbers, electricians and locksmiths for common home emergencies.