Hey, I’m Carlos Ribeiro, an UI/UX/IxD & Visual Designer currently working with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA). I collaborate with inspiring brands, businesses & start-ups to shape their digital products.

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Carlos is UI/UX & Visual Product Designer with over ten years of experience dedicated to crafting user-centric solutions, creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences for websites, web, and native apps. Backed by a post-graduate degree in Digital Media, a Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility, a Bachelor in Communication Media and an Associate Degree in Graphic Design his design approach is grounded in innovation, accessibility and solid solutions.


Throughout his career, he has had the privilege of working on a wide range of projects, spanning industries such as energy, technology, finance, government, automotive, and more. This diverse experience has equipped him with a deep understanding of various design challenges and the ability to adapt to different design needs.


In UI design, he excels at seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, prioritizing key design principles such as colour theory, typography, and information hierarchy. Having earned a degree in graphic design and specialization in digital media, he possesses a robust background in visual, UI design and interaction. His designs are not only visually appealing but also remarkably usable and responsive across various devices, incorporating best practices for accessibility and usability.


He’s committed to integrating design systems and web accessibility into his work, promoting consistency and accessibility for all users. Carlos’s expertise extends to UX and product design, informed by extensive research on user behavior and needs. He follows an agile methodology, emphasizing adaptability and collaboration to deliver outstanding products.


His portfolio showcases his excellence in various design aspects, emphasizing his ability to integrate UI with agile methodologies, resulting in digital solutions that surpass user expectations in an ever-evolving design landscape.

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_UI/Visual & Experience Designer

2021 / Present – DEECA (Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action)

_Freelance – Melbourne

2019 – 2021 / UI-UX, Interaction & Visual Designer

_InfoChoice – Financial Website

2019 – 2019 / UI-UX & Visual Designer (Contractor)

_Appster – Mobile development

2016 – 2018 / Senior UI-UX Mobile Designer

_Morgan & Vitamin T /  Recruiters

2013 – 2016 / Visual & Digital Designer (Freelancer)

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_Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility

2021 / University of South Australia


_Graduate Certificate in Digital Media 

2016 / Victoria University


_Industry Digital Design Program 

2015  / Tractor Melbourne Design School


_Bachelor Of Communication (Media) 

2005 – 2010 / Saint Mary’s University


_Associate Degree In Graphic Design

1997 – 2001 / UTS Institute

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My skills include a passion for crafting user-centred solutions that seamlessly merge exceptional aesthetics, and functionality for websites, web and native app products, all with a strong focus on accessibility, agile methodologies, and cross-functional collaboration.