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The Project

3D-GEO wanted to redesign their visual presence as a plan to relaunch the brand in the Australian and international market as the experts in geoscience and reservoir modelling in the oil and gas field.

This client engaged me to create the logo, branding and web digital experience. Following the strategic positioning of the business goal. I designed a modern brand identity in conjunction with the creation of an intuitive mobile-first responsive website with an engaging experience.

My Role

As the main UI/UX and visual designer, I led the design process end-to-end working directly with the client and alongside the IT director from the early stage of the design process, all the way to the user experience and development stage.

The Process

Considering the brand evolution and its conservative style during the years. I created a matured visual direction without losing the initial aesthetics. This first connection with the brand gave me a clear idea of the direction to take for the digital experience.

I took the sitemap and mapped it into a comprehensive journey flow to get an overall experience. Once the basics were defined, I began by deconstructing each of the insights and user stories features in order to understand the different screens that needed to be designed and documented all of them into quick drafts that soon will become high fidelity wireframes.

Once we defined all the site architecture, main features, wireframes, and interactions needed. I began to create a core design with some of the most critical screens. After a continues interaction with the client that included rounds of design and UX feedback, I got all the necessary to consolidate the final visual designs. This outcome will be a guide for developers when building the site.


Anticipating its importance, I took a mobile-first approach from an early stage. The final website shows a balanced, clean and stylish interface design with reliable functionality and an easy and straightforward user experience where users can access the key information, processes graphics, and company services.


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