Australian Theatre Forum (ATF)

Responsive website – Branding


UX Interface Concept

UI Design & Layout

Brand Identity

The Project

ATF ‘AUSTRALIAN THEATRE FORUM’, want a new brand Identity to communicate to theater enthusiastic about their 2015 national forum.

My Role

I was hired by ATF to led the design of the 2015 forum brand end to end from the initial strategy and development of the logo and digital collateral material including website, eDMs, banners and social media and also print presence.

The Process

The ATF brand was created to approach a different audience to the original partner brand “Theatre Network Australia”. The aim of this project was to design a new visual style for it 2015 forum keeping the conection with the parent brand. The initial challenge was to design a logo that could reflect a fresh and moderm look & feel. After a deep typo exploration, I come out with a modern font and angle combination that involved an approchable visual consitency with two brands.

With a mobile first approach in mind, I took the sitemap and mapped them into a comprehensive journey flow to get an overall experience and I began to create the  most critical screens following by the final visual designs would be the guide for developers when building the site as well as some othe visual digital collateral.


The newly designed web application gave the client a way to manage staff work efforts for any specific project thought a mobile or a desktop computer. It also provided the opportunity to the workers to be able to select their timesheet of preference, work availability, total hours per project, and the ability to add important features like the type of weather, meal break, job classification, and client and project name.


UI Components